Giving back

Helping Women & Children

     Growing up as a young girl in a home with a loving family and safe surroundings, I now look back and understand and appreciate how fortunate I was to have had these basic human needs fulfilled during my early formative years. Unfortunately, this is not the case for every child in the U.S. today.


     Domestic violence is a lead cause of homelessness for women and children. At Home Chíc Home, we love helping our customers style their homes into their own beautiful sanctuary for their families to enjoy. Our wish is for every child in the U.S to have the same; a place where they can rest, relax and feel safe. That is why at Home Chíc Home, we have chosen to support the Lotus House - a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless women, youth and children by providing sanctuary, support, education, tools and resources that empower them to heal, learn, grow and blossom into who they are truly meant to be.


     Since 2004, The Lotus House has been committed to advancing the status of women and children by providing shelter and resources to reclaim lives marked by violence, poverty and discrimmination. Home Chíc Home shares the same values of empowering women by giving them support they deserve to mend broken bonds, heal bodies and minds and uplift spirits so that their children and families have the opportunity to thrive. Home Chic Home will be contributing to this cause, so dear to our hearts, by donating 100% of profits for the first 6 months of business to the Lotus House to support their exceptional work. Thank you for your support and blessings to all.